What is the project about?

The Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project is a new group open to anyone with an interest in history. Whether you enjoy the odd programme on the History Channel or you read your first history book of the day with breakfast, this group is for you!

Our activities will include:

  • Public talks and walking tours
  • Networking and mutual support for local history enthusiasts
  • Contacting local schools and youth groups in the area to engage young people in walking tours or community history activities
  • Collecting, recording, and bringing together the memories of older community members and the family stories of local residents
  • The production of regular publications, both printed and online, containing historical writings of local interest
  • The organisation of an annual event to mark significant historic events and anniversaries

Aims and Principles:

Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project aims to foster an interest in our local history. We believe that history is a cultural resource that grows in the sharing. By learning the stories of the past we can support the development of communities and neighbourhoods in the present. We are particularly interested in the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times and circumstances.

We believe that these stories can reach across the gap of time, opening channels of conversation between older and younger generations as well as between the area’s long-established families and newer residents.

Creating a shared resource of living history will bring together the results of researchers’ work in the archives with the memories, family stories, and oral traditions of the people of the area. Finally, we believe that accessing history is a pursuit for everyone, not only for professionals and academics.

The Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project aims to always work in a way that is open, inclusive, transparent, and accountable to the local community.


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