Upcoming events remembering the Lockout

1016If you want to get involved in remembering one of Dublin’s greatest labour struggles there are numerous events in the coming few weeks.  Perhaps the most interesting is the re-enactment of Bloody Sunday, 31st August 1913 which was one of the key events during the Lockout. This event which saw the police attack a major demonstration in O’Connell Street will be re-enacted on O’Connell Street on Saturday, 31st August.

The flyer attached below shows the schedule for a number of other exciting commemorative events that will take place in Dublin between this week and the first weekend in October. The events are organised by a number of community groups from areas where the Lockout had a huge impact in 1913, such as Dublin’s inner city and the docklands, working with volunteers from the Dublin Council of Trade Unions. Read more here  Dublin Lockout 1913.

Stoneybatter and Smithfield People’s History Project is marking the collapse of tenements on Church Street during the Lockout which killed Hugh Salmon, a 17-year-old locked out member of the I.T.G.W.U. You can find a full list of events here.resized

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