The Lombardi’s of Stoneybatter – Did you know them?

One of the more famous chippers in the area was situated on the corner of Stoneybatter and Blackhall Place. From the early 1950s it was run by the Lombardi family, who lived above the shop.
Dublin chip shops had long been synonymous with Italian migrants. In the 1880s, Italian migrant Guissepi Cervi opened up one of Dublin’s first chip shop on Pearse Street, where he and his wife Palma worked. Palma had very little English and would point to the fish on sale and say in Italian “Uno de questo, Uno di Quello” – “One of this, and One of that”. This soon became abbreviated to “One and One” and for generations Dubliners ordered their fish and chips by requesting a ‘One and One’.

Tina and Tony Lombardi were popular and respected members of the Stoneybatter community. The couple had four children: Vincent the eldest; twins Angela and Michael; and Anna, the eldest daughter. The family lived in Stoneybatter for about a decade, before moving to California.

However, the family was struck by tragedy when Vincent, who had returned to live in Ireland and was only in his late teens, was killed in a car accident while returning from a night out in Bray. Not long after Vincent’s tragic death, Anna, the eldest daughter, died of leukaemia in California.

We were sent this photo of Tina Lombardi, who is on the left with her mother in the background. The other woman in the photo we believe is Tina’s sister (unfortunately we don’t have her name) but we are told that she ran the Pillar Café in O’Connell Street, which at the time apparently served Dublin’s finest Knickerbocker Glory ice creams. It is now the site of McDonald’s restaurant.

Perhaps you might know something about the Lombardi family that you could pass on to us?

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